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Rétrospective interactive au Busan International Short Film

By David Dufresne, 28 July 2020 | 464 Visits

Interactive films feature the innovative concept of allowing the viewer to actively participate, making choices and changing the outcome of a film. The “Interactive Shorts” program is a new program designed to allow the viewer to actively participate for a novel experience, rather than passively watch and simply taking in the viewing screen and speaker sounds.
“Interactive Shorts 1” is an online screening program introducing David Dufresne’s interactive documentary. Known not only as the co-director of Prison Valley, but also as a producer and freelance journalist, Dufresne is pioneering the field of interactive media. This program will focus on Dufresne’s Prison Valley, Fort McMoney, and Dada-Data. Even though Prison Valley is a feature length interactive documentary, we will show it along with David Dufresne’s shorts because it is one of his major works.

View online : Site officiel

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