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Par David Dufresne, 25 février 2021 | 814 Lectures


📢️ FILM : ‘Un Pays qui se Tient Sage’ (‘The Monopoly of Violence’) directed by David Dufresne (86 minutes) 📢 DATE & TIME : Sunday 28th February @6PM, Q&A with the director, producer and translator of the film @7:30PM 📢️ CINEMA : HOME – available anywhere in France and Belgium ! 📢 TICKETS : TICKETS : €6 Link for France : 📢📢 Link for Belgium : 📢📢


All countries around the world are faced with police violence. For democracies, it has become a crucial concern for their own survival. Dufresne’s project both observes and comments upon the gilet jaunes (“yellow vest”) protest movement. Scenes were filmed in 13 French cities between November 2018 and February 2020. During that period they counted 2 deaths, 5 hands amputated, and 27 eyes lost during law enforcement operations. It is this footage that makes The Monopoly of Violence a work of tangible, visceral power.


« As anger and resentment grow in the face of social inequalities, many citizens-led protests are being repressed with an ever-increasing violence. In THE MONOPOLY OF VIOLENCE, David Dufresne gathers a panel of citizens to question, exchange and confront their views on the social order and the legitimacy of the use of force by the State. » – Synopsis

« The Monopoly of Violence is an essential and timely work, showing the dangers of police serving the state rather than the people, and identifying the growing tendency among Western democracies to enact totalitarian methods to keep the populace under their control. » New York Film Festival

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Don’t miss this fascinating Conversation-Starting Documentary About Police Brutality and the opportunity to ask all of your questions to the film crew afterwards !

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The Monopoly of Violence

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