▶ Tool-Kit For Crafting An Interactive Documentary

Par David Dufresne, 30 octobre 2015 | 248 Lectures

Interactive documentary projects are collaborations between filmmaker, technologist and designer. Each party brings to the project a language specific to their respective medium, and each can have something the other needs. A filmmaker can be looking for interactive non-linearity to give new meaning to their narrative, while the designer and technologist can be seeking out the cinematic linearity of film to give essential meaning to their aesthetic and code. The artistic success of a project is related to how deep these transactions go, and to what extent perceived barriers between film, design and code are eliminated. Filmmaker Andrew Beck Grace and Toronto-based Helios Design Labs worked remotely for six months to produce the interactive documentary essay « After the Storm. » By using this project as a test-case, this session will present a tool-kit of ideas for other creators in the medium while exploring the how and why of interactive, web-native nonfiction storytelling.

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