Brett Gaylor : Rebutting ‘The Interactive Paradox’

Par David Dufresne, 27 mars 2016 | 4747 Lectures

If you’re making content for the web or mobile, you need to meet your audience where they’re at. Oftentimes that is at work, on the go, or while multi-tasking. That’s how we use the web (unless, of course, it’s time for Netflix and Chill). So the successful interactive producer should tailor her content for those modes. It’s content that you might follow from social media, that is shareable, that perfectly explains a concept, that immediately triggers an emotion. The interactive producer is up against listicles, Upworthy memes, your latest Zappos purchase, the shitty WiFi at the cafe and the drunk guy onthe bus. Imagine watching WalTown or H2Oil in this environment. Would you consider the likely bounce rate of such an experiment “a complete and utter failure” ? Kirby’s apples to-oranges comparison between the audience in front of their computer and those in the theatre doesn’t make sense.

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