Community Engagement syllabus

Par David Dufresne, 30 octobre 2015 | 238 Lectures

This is a course in listening to a community : understanding and empathizing with its needs and learning how to help a community share its own knowledge. We will talk to ambassadors from communities of various definitions — geographic (neighborhoods, towns), demographic (ethnic groups, age groups), interest (topics such as cancer, parenting, or sports), and business (organized around an industry or a job description.) These ambassadors will be journalists, community organizers, topic experts, and business proprietors who serve communities and who will, in turn, introduce the students to members of these communities so the students will develop skills in listening and discerning communities’ needs. We will also draw upon disciplines from outside of journalism such as cultural anthropology, public health, and community and political organizing to help us hone our listening skills. Through this course, students will begin to identify the communities they plan to serve in the practicum and start to interact with those communities where they gather online and in person.

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