Doing Interactive Documentary Conference - Lucerne (Suisse), mars 2023

Par David Dufresne, 13 janvier 2023 | 3048 Lectures

The conference “Doing Interactive Documentary – Looking at a Relational Practice” will focus on practices in the production of documentary formats, where the key is to be seen in aspects of interaction. Of particular interest is the interplay between artistic and technical aspects in the production of interactive documentaries and the question to what extent technological innovations can generate creative potential or rather represent an obstacle. 

Another focus is on the consideration of interactive documentations as a tool for research. Central here is the investigation of the role of databases and online formats within this specific form of documentary practice. Where and how can interactive documentation be used as an instrument, method and/or methodology of (academic) research ? At the same time, this brings into view the points at which interactive documentation disrupts and breaks up formalized and normalized practices of documentation. 

A third focus of the conference is on the role of user interfaces and the decision-spaces and

  • architectures that interactive documentations open up. This is also where the significance of recipients, users, the anticipation of possible modes of use and the interplay of production and reception will move into the centre of attention. 
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