Funding Models for Documentary. Part 1 : The Audiovisual Documentary

Par David Dufresne, 30 octobre 2015 | 225 Lectures

Interactive and transmedia projects are usually complex and require various production skills. Financing projects that require designers, programmers and filmmakers to work together can be overwhelming, therefore seeking funding from diverse sources and budgets is a good strategy. Producers also need to be prepared for the fact that the project may change depending on the funding source.

To effectively finance a project, producers should specify what investors will get, including giving detailed explanations of how their money will be invested and to what degree they will be involved in the project. The funding model will probably be a mixed formula, so it’s crucial to have various strategies to attract actors such as broadcasters, producers, major brands, newspapers, private or charity institutions, etc.

Pioneering countries in the production of interactive and transmedia documentaries like France and Canada have created a solid framework of actors, not only for production but also for the funding of these works, while other countries are starting to produce and create interesting interactive stories. Despite the delicate global economic situation, there are excellent opportunities for innovation in this field because the digital environment has led to new ways of creating interactive and transmedia documentaries. In this series of posts we will focus on possible models for financing audiovisual, interactive and transmedia documentaries.

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