The Goggles on “Welcome to Pine Point” : digital narrative chases memory and loss

Par David Dufresne, 2 février 2011 | 158 Lectures

What if your hometown disappeared, literally vanished from the map ? How would you hold onto it ? Would the community of people who had lived there continue ? “Welcome to Pine Point” is a website that explores the death of a town and the people whose memories and mementos tell its story today. The site lives online under the auspices of the National Film Board of Canada and came into the world via the creative duo of Michael Simons and Paul Shoebridge (also known as The Goggles). I haven’t seen anything quite like Pine Point before — it incorporates music to haunting effect but is especially innovative in its use of text and design. I called up Simons and Shoebridge earlier this week to talk. What follows are excerpts from our conversation, in which they discuss memory, narrative, the concept of “liquid books” and more.

Veille techno

Storming Juno

En route !